B2B marketing and B2C marketing are so different. Don’t make mistake!

9 janvier 2017

Have you ever wondered how to sell trucks to your neighbor, or what new flavor of ice cream this CEO of a large company is eager to buy? Of course not.

Because every market needs a specific approach, you need to know what is the difference between B2B marketing and B2C marketing. I have read some interesting articles on this particular subject and unveil here after the results of my work!

Difference between B2B marketing and B2C marketing from a relationship point of view

B2B customers need a lot of detailed information (rational)
B2C customers want to be seduced (emotion)

B2B customers want to build a close relationship with suppliers (relation, consultative selling)
B2C customers are products driven (transactional selling)

B2B: sales cycle is long (a few days, weeks, months or even years)
B2C: sales cycle is short (a few minutes, hours, sometimes days)

B2B: brand value is created through personal relationships and consultative selling
B2C: brand value is created through marketing communication

B2B B2C marketing mistakes

From a purchasing process point of view

B2B: long chain of decision and buying cycle (superiors, procurement, accounting departments…)
B2C: individuals make their own decision, sometimes influenced by word of mouth

B2B: the decision to purchase is driven by need and budgets
B2C: the decision to purchase is driven by emotion

B2B: sales are made face to face
B2B: sales are made through retail stores or websites

B2B B2C confused

From a content point of view

B2B: messages must be precise and professional with industry jargon
B2C: messages must be at least relatable to the majority of consumers (simpler language)

B2B: efficient message with expert voice
B2C: consumers seek deals and entertainment triggered by hunger, desire, status or cost

B2B: highly detailed content
B2C: content speaks to emotion first, through images most of the time (you can google neuromarketing)


From a marketing point of view

B2B: communication is focused on long and explicit content spread to a limited audience
B2C: communication is focused on short messages spread to a large audience

B2B: cost per sale is high with limited volume of sales
B2C: cost per sale is cheap with high volume of sales

B2B: the lifetime value (repeated sales to the same customer during a long period of time) of B2B customers is high
B2C: customers are versatile

From a social media point of view

B2B content: professional content – white papers, ebooks, blogs, webinars, infograficsContent
B2C content: viral content

B2B channels: LinkedIn, Twitter, FB
B2C channels: FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube

B2B goals: lead generation
B2C goals: community engagement and awareness.

Knowing these differences is very important for your marketing strategy. Are you going to work on a lead generation campaign or an advertising campaign? Which channels will you use to promote your campaigns, what will be your budget and resources?
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